Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I May Have a Black Thumb.

If you are a gardener you will understand what I mean. Thankfully with Scott's plant I didn't. So where this story begins, I had no idea how to really garden. I mean I used to watch my mom and stepdad make and work her small vegetable garden, but she wouldn't let me in because knowing me...I'd probably be the cause of her garden going south and never producing again.

Well one day Scott comes home with this little cutie.

I'm told that this is what he did for a science project. I thought to myself, Wow! Scott may very well have a green thumb. I didn't want his hard work going to waste, so I "repotted" it. And what I mean by repotting it, I grabbed the closest ziplock bowl and cut a hole in the bottom for water to drain. Talk about being very gardener like.

Oh by the way, I thought this was a green bean plant for about three weeks. His teacher let me know that this was in fact a pinto bean plant. I didn't know how they grew. Now I know. any ways, so I transferred it outside and just let nature do her thing. And my goodness she grew pretty fast!
 Now here is why I say I must have a black thumb. If you look closely, I think there may be mold going on in there. Yikes! Because I have such little knowledge to gardening, I went to ole trusty Youtube to find answers! I found a lot about tomatoes and peppers but nothing on pinto beans. So after thinking I was at a complete loss, my uncle Timmy came by and saw the progress. He let me know how to fix it and how to set her up properly so that I can have this plant last. I need to get a bigger terra cotta pot. That is now on my list of things to get along with potting soil. Oh, and also plant food. My brother had brought over a Lilly plant to babysit and needless to say she is hanging by a thread. Hence why I think I have a black thumb.

This small adventure into porch gardening got me really excited to try to plant other thinks like baby tomatoes, peppers, and a few other simple things. From the pictures you can see I have to keep it small due to space. So what I'd love to know, if you're a gardener, please let me know in the comments what are your favorite plants to work with and what are some good plants or veggies to start off with.

Until next time, Stacy <3

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