Friday, May 12, 2017

If You're Wondering....

I am that wife. You know the one people tell you not to leave alone unsupervised in target? Well except target, its Jo-Ann's, Michael's, and pretty much any store with a craft section. I will blow through $100 in a blink of an eye like its nothing. I should be ashamed, but I can make stuff with all that I bought guys.

Ok, maybe I go more than a little overboard, but when you're surrounded by all the pretty colors of yarn and paint, and there's that little app called "Pinterest" with endless possibilities....I think to myself "I want to make it all!" No seriously, sometime I find things that I want to make that I really shouldn't because I have no use for it in the long run other than just to have something pretty.

You see I'm not sure when this turned into an addiction. I will say that I think it has to do with the fact I am a Libra. I've read that we tend to to either try to be the best at whatever we're doing or at least try everything once. And that my friends lead me to where I am now. When I was younger I would watch my mom crochet and I wanted to learn how to do it so bad, but I didn't learn how to do it until about four or five years ago. I started with about 6 colors. If you know me, you'll know it was every color of the rainbow. I saw a rainbow chevron ripple that I wanted to duplicate and thought I got this in the bag!......I in fact did not have it in the bag. So I stopped trying and set that to the side.

The next thing I tried giving a shot was art. After all I did take art four years in a row in high school, so why not. So I got everything I thought I needed to be an "Artist". This however did not go so well. I could do doodles and what I like to call children's book illustrations. At the time I didn't realize that this would later come in handy once I had kids. Skip forward to about last year, I decided to pick up painting. I thought I'd kind of flop doing that since I thought I did so terrible with pencil drawings, but surprisingly I was pretty good at it. I still paint from time to time, I just have to find the right thing to do because I'm not all that good with size proportions.

I gave cooking a try too...I failed at that haha. Not really good at that but I am really good with cakes and cupcakes. when I found that out I went nuts and tried to buy up the entire Wilton line of products. Even the cookie stuff, which I learned I am not that good at, but that's alright. My kids like my cookies, so that's good enough for me. But anyways, when I realized everyone loved my cupcakes I thought, "Wow! maybe I can be like Buddy from Cake Boss!" I was again wrong. A horrible experience with a piping bag and I set down my baking apron and moved on.

I shortly went back to crocheting. I had no idea that I would practically wind up with my own mini store, but hey things happen. I'd see a cool pattern on Pinterest and go "oooh I want to make that, let me just buy this so I have it when I get around to making it." Doing this lead to me taking up almost half of my closet space. Something needed to be done. I didn't want to give it away obviously. trying to talk myself into giving it away was like watching Golum talk to himself. "my precious!!" So I just did what a logical person would do and went on a very strict no buy for a while, until I could get this massive yarn inventory smaller.....currently I have like 6 work in progresses.

For those wondering, I did get it under control....until I quit my "no buy" probation. and this is what happened about every weekend.... The first haul is from Christmas and it just kind of went from there.

I have figured out to better organize all my yarn. Its been a battle, But I regret nothing. I will eventually make all the things I have saved to my yarn stash board on Pinterest....all 1328 and counting. This picture at the bottom is currently my way of storing it all. However I don't want to show you what it looks like today haha. Just imagine four more of those big eco friendly bags, a crochet storage bin, and a few more of those cakes that are stacked on top. Yes I'll admit I have an addiction, but its a fun addiction where I can make cute things. I really want to make a bunch of stuff to sell at craft gallery, but I have a long way to go. So who knows, maybe by next year I'll have a booth up there. I'll let you guys know how that goes.

Until next time, have a wonderful days guys!

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