Friday, May 12, 2017

If You're Wondering....

I am that wife. You know the one people tell you not to leave alone unsupervised in target? Well except target, its Jo-Ann's, Michael's, and pretty much any store with a craft section. I will blow through $100 in a blink of an eye like its nothing. I should be ashamed, but I can make stuff with all that I bought guys.

Ok, maybe I go more than a little overboard, but when you're surrounded by all the pretty colors of yarn and paint, and there's that little app called "Pinterest" with endless possibilities....I think to myself "I want to make it all!" No seriously, sometime I find things that I want to make that I really shouldn't because I have no use for it in the long run other than just to have something pretty.

You see I'm not sure when this turned into an addiction. I will say that I think it has to do with the fact I am a Libra. I've read that we tend to to either try to be the best at whatever we're doing or at least try everything once. And that my friends lead me to where I am now. When I was younger I would watch my mom crochet and I wanted to learn how to do it so bad, but I didn't learn how to do it until about four or five years ago. I started with about 6 colors. If you know me, you'll know it was every color of the rainbow. I saw a rainbow chevron ripple that I wanted to duplicate and thought I got this in the bag!......I in fact did not have it in the bag. So I stopped trying and set that to the side.

The next thing I tried giving a shot was art. After all I did take art four years in a row in high school, so why not. So I got everything I thought I needed to be an "Artist". This however did not go so well. I could do doodles and what I like to call children's book illustrations. At the time I didn't realize that this would later come in handy once I had kids. Skip forward to about last year, I decided to pick up painting. I thought I'd kind of flop doing that since I thought I did so terrible with pencil drawings, but surprisingly I was pretty good at it. I still paint from time to time, I just have to find the right thing to do because I'm not all that good with size proportions.

I gave cooking a try too...I failed at that haha. Not really good at that but I am really good with cakes and cupcakes. when I found that out I went nuts and tried to buy up the entire Wilton line of products. Even the cookie stuff, which I learned I am not that good at, but that's alright. My kids like my cookies, so that's good enough for me. But anyways, when I realized everyone loved my cupcakes I thought, "Wow! maybe I can be like Buddy from Cake Boss!" I was again wrong. A horrible experience with a piping bag and I set down my baking apron and moved on.

I shortly went back to crocheting. I had no idea that I would practically wind up with my own mini store, but hey things happen. I'd see a cool pattern on Pinterest and go "oooh I want to make that, let me just buy this so I have it when I get around to making it." Doing this lead to me taking up almost half of my closet space. Something needed to be done. I didn't want to give it away obviously. trying to talk myself into giving it away was like watching Golum talk to himself. "my precious!!" So I just did what a logical person would do and went on a very strict no buy for a while, until I could get this massive yarn inventory smaller.....currently I have like 6 work in progresses.

For those wondering, I did get it under control....until I quit my "no buy" probation. and this is what happened about every weekend.... The first haul is from Christmas and it just kind of went from there.

I have figured out to better organize all my yarn. Its been a battle, But I regret nothing. I will eventually make all the things I have saved to my yarn stash board on Pinterest....all 1328 and counting. This picture at the bottom is currently my way of storing it all. However I don't want to show you what it looks like today haha. Just imagine four more of those big eco friendly bags, a crochet storage bin, and a few more of those cakes that are stacked on top. Yes I'll admit I have an addiction, but its a fun addiction where I can make cute things. I really want to make a bunch of stuff to sell at craft gallery, but I have a long way to go. So who knows, maybe by next year I'll have a booth up there. I'll let you guys know how that goes.

Until next time, have a wonderful days guys!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Struggles of Potty Training.

As a parent you are getting constant advice on certain things for your children, weather it be wanted or not. I can say I have been there and it still happens from time to time. The one piece of information that is thrown my way is the age a child should be potty trained. Now I know everyone is different and have their different ways to go about things, but telling me my autistic children should already be potty trained by now....please don't. We are working on it.

With that being said lets get into the funny side of this. I came across a bunch of other mom blogs that explain their troubles through this little journey and to be honest some of them are down right hilarious. I can understand maybe at the time that wasn't, but take a breath momma. You're trying your hardest. Same with me. Yes Scott and Gracie are older than the ideal potty training age and I get weird looks when I mention they're not fully potty trained. But you have to realize how its a struggle when one child will only go #1 and the other will only go #2 in the potty. Its odd I know.

Sometimes its frustrating and other times its funny because you wonder how is it that this has become one of the hardest lessons to teach a child. I now understand how frustrating it was for my parents with me, I couldn't tie my shoes until I was 7. I know different things but in ways its similar because you're trying to teach your child something and it seems to go on forever. I'm over all thankful that they are at least attempting to try regardless.

Lets rewind for a bit back to when Scott was about 18 months old. The day he turned 18 months old everyone tried to hound me about potty training him. Telling me "oh you need to start now or it'll never happen." or things like, "My son was potty trained at 9 months old."

Um excuse me, but how?? How did people expect me to potty train my son when he wasn't even walking yet? Also, what about that whole saying "Start potty training when you see them become interested in it or when they stay dry for longer periods of time." Well the thing with that is both of my kids were never interested in the potty. I mean they'd follow me in the bathroom whenever I had to go, but that's about it. The did show signs of being able to hold their bladders longer and when we would attempt to sit them on the toilet.....instant tears.

This went on for a while with Scott, eventually we figured out why he was so against going. He simply just didn't want to sit down. All the advice in the world had told me to start him sitting down, he'll eventually get it. Wrong. This little boy wanted to be a big boy. When we figured this out, it made bathroom trips so much easier. once we got that down it was time to tackle #2.....we're not there yet at all. Not by a long shot. If he has to do that he'll go hide until he done and you're stuck wondering "oh god what is that smell?!?"

Now for me this is the confusing part of my two...Gracie will handle her #2 business like a champ. But that's only after bath time for some reason. I don't know how to even explain that one. If I  were to sit her on the potty to try to handle the simpler of the two things, instant tears. Its confusing to the point of being funny. I keep asking how is this so bad kiddo? Maybe they think, "MOM!!!  you just don't get it!" I don't know. Its funny to think about it that way though.

I wonder if any other moms have this struggle? If you've got funny potty training stories or advice shoot them down in the comments. I would love to see what stories you have. until next time guys! See you later!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I May Have a Black Thumb.

If you are a gardener you will understand what I mean. Thankfully with Scott's plant I didn't. So where this story begins, I had no idea how to really garden. I mean I used to watch my mom and stepdad make and work her small vegetable garden, but she wouldn't let me in because knowing me...I'd probably be the cause of her garden going south and never producing again.

Well one day Scott comes home with this little cutie.

I'm told that this is what he did for a science project. I thought to myself, Wow! Scott may very well have a green thumb. I didn't want his hard work going to waste, so I "repotted" it. And what I mean by repotting it, I grabbed the closest ziplock bowl and cut a hole in the bottom for water to drain. Talk about being very gardener like.

Oh by the way, I thought this was a green bean plant for about three weeks. His teacher let me know that this was in fact a pinto bean plant. I didn't know how they grew. Now I know. any ways, so I transferred it outside and just let nature do her thing. And my goodness she grew pretty fast!
 Now here is why I say I must have a black thumb. If you look closely, I think there may be mold going on in there. Yikes! Because I have such little knowledge to gardening, I went to ole trusty Youtube to find answers! I found a lot about tomatoes and peppers but nothing on pinto beans. So after thinking I was at a complete loss, my uncle Timmy came by and saw the progress. He let me know how to fix it and how to set her up properly so that I can have this plant last. I need to get a bigger terra cotta pot. That is now on my list of things to get along with potting soil. Oh, and also plant food. My brother had brought over a Lilly plant to babysit and needless to say she is hanging by a thread. Hence why I think I have a black thumb.

This small adventure into porch gardening got me really excited to try to plant other thinks like baby tomatoes, peppers, and a few other simple things. From the pictures you can see I have to keep it small due to space. So what I'd love to know, if you're a gardener, please let me know in the comments what are your favorite plants to work with and what are some good plants or veggies to start off with.

Until next time, Stacy <3

A Helpful Hand.

As requested, I have come up with a few helpful bits for the new mom. If you are a "veteran" mom you are more than welcome to join in on the fun and leave some helpful advice and tips in the comments.

So this weekend while doing the weekend grocery shopping, and I came across a set of books from the makers of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Since it is almost Mother's Day, there were about three to choose from. All of which are new and I am super excited about them!

I know that the Random Acts of Kindness isn't really Mother's Day related, but I'm positive it has some amazing stories.  I remember I came across this book line in about 6th or 7th grade when I was learning about who I was and who I wanted to be, and they helped me get through a good part of my junior high and high school years. This still has not changed. I may have gotten older, but I still need a moment of relief and this line of books do that. The stories are small enough to sneak away for a five minute breather.

Once motherhood came along, a breather was exactly what I needed from time to time. Thankfully I was gifted quite a few of these books while I was pregnant with Scott. The one that stuck out the most was the "New Moms" book. This has real stories of what it was like finding out you were pregnant, morning sickness, pregnancy health issues, delivery, and those first few months of new motherhood. To me this was a saving grace and somewhat of a scary book because I had no idea how to be a parent. The one I have looks like this...

Fast forward a few years, and I had decided to do the Stay at home mom thing because I felt that was the right thing to do at the time. There were days that were absolutely fantastic with tons of memorable moments and there were also moments where I wanted to pull my hair out and cry. Lets be honest, emotions are everywhere when you're a mom. I wouldn't change it for the world though. This particular book shares stories of the good, bad, and the ugly of being a stay at home mom. There's a lot more funny stories than there are sad ones. I recommended this to every mom who needs a pick me up. That book looks a little something like this...

These two are the only mom ones I have at the moment but for whatever kind of mom you are or plan to be there is one out there for you, my loves. I'll list a few of the others down below so you can take a look to see if they interest you. I know I want just about every single one of them even though I have never had twins, and because I have been on both sides when it come to being the very tired working mom and the crazy stay at home mom.

To those who are reading my post, I hope this find you well and if you do get a chance to read any of the titles, please let me know how they are I would love to know! To my mom friends, its ok to have a moment to yourself. You don't have to lose who you are because you brought beautiful child(ren) to this world. You can still be the awesome you that you are....only fueled with a bit more coffee. And remember you are doing the best you can and that you are awesome!

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and the products mentioned were purchased by myself.